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01Products and services

We deliver industrial and technological solutions offering the highest degree of innovation. We are a partner in the management and execution of R&D projects. We actively participate in the capital market, acting as a seed/VC investor for innovative and prospective technology companies, by financing and supervising their further growth. As a commercial R&D hub, we develop systemic solutions for your organisation!

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02The equipment

Over a multi-year period, we have developed a research and equipment base for several R&D and production facilities. We manage a nanomaterials lab, an automation and electronics lab and a number of manufacturing lines and test stations. We have tools and equipment that are unique Europe-wide - measuring instruments and software allowing us to develop technologies on an industrial scale. Our facilities also serve as a platform for co-operation with the leading domestic and foreign research centres and institutes.

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03Industries and Applications

We have developed competencies and explored the nature of many industries. We deliver products and services in the area of automation and robotisation ofproduction, process automation and research lab systems that comply with the highest industry standards and quality expectations.

04The projects

We have successfully completed countless projects and developed numerous innovative technologies and solutions. Our currently ongoing projects present more challenges in finding solutions tailored to our customers' needs and an opportunity to promote effective co-operation between science and business.

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05Our path to your success

Since our establishment, we have expanded 10-fold. This dynamic growth is backed by the highly specialised team and its extensive experience in the field of research and implementation. No success would be possible without the trust of the customers in our co-operation model, oriented towards achieving major business benefits in addition to savings and streamlining of production and technological processes. We are the answer to your business needs!

20 projects

our portfolio of successfully completed and ongoing projects

PLN235 mln

the value of our project portfolio


our executive team of scientists, engineers and electronics engineers


intellectual property in the form of patents, patent applications, trademarks and utility models

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06Content hub

You will find us wherever problems and challenges of the industry are discussed. We actively contribute to creating and setting the directions for technological development. Our opinions, publications and statements are valued by the leading domestic and foreign research centres.