About us We are passionate about creating innovation and market advantage for your busines

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01Our mission and our vision

We develop technologies for a better tomorrow!
We make your business more competitive through innovative technologies!
We implement technological solutions and improvements for the industry, delivering real economic and business benefits. We are committed to the transfer of the most recent technological advancements to the economic and industrial environment, with the aim to reinforce the competitive position of Polish companies and the economy. Our mission is what keeps our organisation and our team of over
80 professionals active.Our vision is to become the leading innovative technological solutions and advancements provider for industrial customers, addressing all of the technical, mechanical and manufacturing needs and challenges. In our development, we aim to become a creator of technological directions and trends in the widely understood industry, and also to become an opinion-forming partner for the leading domestic and foreign research centres.

02Who we are?

We are an independent commercial R&D hub, created by the enthusiasts of techniques and new technologies.
Our knowledge is based on many decades of business experience, scientific developments in our labs and co-operation with experts and scientists from leading domestic and foreign research centres.
Our absolute commitment and determination is to find and create solutions we dedicate to our industrial partners with such vigour, so that our successful co-operation might bring substantial savings in the production processes, increase efficiency and utilisation of the machinery park, and improve business and financial indicators as well as the business scaling. For many customers and partners in industries such as plastics processing, components, civil engineering and household appliances, we are an external R&D hub - a team of experts with extensive knowledge of the business and machinery park, providing consultation on daily problems and participating in the development of the long-term strategies in the areas of machinery, tools, technology or manufacturing.

03The Team

The organisation is comprised of specialists and market practitioners, who combine their professional
experience in international corporations and research and development institutions. We invest in people who have the ambition to face out-of-the-box challenges from different fields and business areas, from technical to financial and operational. Team members are involved in the full process of developing and creating innovative solutions, from concept to implementation of the solution on-site, establishing a personal connection with the developed technology and the other team members. We ensure the development of our employees by sharing responsibility and entrusting them with individual assignments that require creativity, knowledge and persistence. We identify with every member of our team by listening to their ideas and encouraging them to suggest changes and optimise their workplace and the processes within it. Since the beginning of our operations, our team has grown 10-fold, and by embracing this staff career development path, the successes achieved by our team contribute to a more intense identification with the organisation, ensuring identification with its values.

04Our values and organisational culture

CBRTP's culture is deeply embedded in our values and the vision of our founders.
We attach the utmost importance to the consistency of all actions and activities, both inside and outside of the organisation. Nurturing values results in mutual trust between employees and our credibility as a business partner.


the ability to adjust the solution and co-operation model to the evolving business environment and the client's process constraints is our key competence.


is a core value that shapes the character of our organisation. We achieve our goals
despite the difficulties we face.

03Team spirit

you can do more as a team. Loyalty and honesty in daily teamwork create bonds and a spontaneous willingness to undertake further collective efforts.


innovation is not possible without honesty and maintaining the highest ethical
principles for business. We utilise our own solutions, patents and technologies.
We partner with others in compliance with copyrights and a fair share of the benefits.

05Awards and certificates

CBRTP has been awarded many unique prizes, including for its contribution to the development of co-operation between industry and the world of research and science, a number of scientific developments supported by publications and patents, execution of innovative projects, conducting scientific research and R&D works with the results of international significance.

01Polski Produkt Przyszłości

Honorable mention for the Robotised Plastering System in the category of product of the future of institutions of higher education and science

02Automaticon 2022

Gold medal for the the Robotised Plastering System

03International Warsaw Invention Show

gold medal at the 11th IWIS 2017 International
Warsaw Invention Show for the development of the integrated gas sensor array for noninvasive
detection of the biomarkers in the exhaled air

04Advance technology for industry

CBRTP was officially added to the Technology Centre Mapping
on the website of the European Commission