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01Research and Development Centre

The Research and Development Centre enables companies to enter a whole new level. With constant access to research results and new technologies, not only the range of products on offer, but also the company’s organisational culture is changing. The owners and employees, focused on continuous development, create truly competitive products that often surprise the market and generate further changes.

02What is the purpose of the Research and Development Centre?

The Research and Development Centre allows numerous studies, analyses and various types of development work to be carried out, aimed at developing innovative technologies and creating new products in demand on the market.

By combining scientific knowledge with a typical business approach, the Research and Development Centre allows original and innovative technologies to be put into practice. Through cooperation between the world of science and the world of business, new technologies have a chance to materialise and – importantly from a business perspective – commercialise.

03Do you want to create a truly original, innovative and useful product?

The Research and Development Centre provides companies of all sizes with access to full research facilities, proven processes and technologies and highly qualified scientific staff. The result of this collaboration is not only an improvement in the quality of the products on offer. It also allows to increase competitiveness, ensuring the company’s continued growth and flexibility in changing circumstances.

04Research and Development Centre - what does collaboration between business and science bring?

Collaboration with the Research and Development Centre is not only important for corporate giants. This option is also available to small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have their own scientific and technological facilities, and many external barriers effectively limit their development.

So what are the real benefits of working with the Research and Development Centre? These include:

  • opportunity to acquire unique skills and abilities that affect the company’s competitiveness,
  • assistance with raising capital for business development, the possibility of extending the offer with truly innovative products or services,
  • assistance with raising capital for business development,
  • increased production efficiency and cost reductions through the use of proven technologies,
  • ability to attract new business partners,
  • opportunity to enter new, previously inaccessible markets, including those abroad.

05The technology centre is a driver of company competitiveness.

Companies no longer seek to compete solely on price or increased capacity. They seek to create products and provide services that respond to real and current consumer needs. They want their business to make a lasting mark on the development of the entire sector and economy. They want their efforts to be more effective. Based on the knowledge and experience of specialists, they seek to create innovations and brands that will inspire people around the world.

Collaboration with the Research and Development Centre is an investment in the company’s development and an effort to strengthen its position against the competition. Entering into cooperation with the world of science is a clear signal that the company not only wants to grow. It also means that it aims to expand its capabilities and create products that are lacking in the market.

06The research centre supports the national innovation system

The competitiveness of the modern economy is demonstrated by its level of innovation. It is the skilful use of modern technology and human capital that underpins economic growth, both at the micro and macro level. The growing popularity of external research and academic facilities is therefore not surprising. The Research and Development Centre operating in the market and specialising in the use of cutting-edge technology for a specific industry is an excellent form of support for companies of all sizes.

The Research and Development Centre provides undisputed scientific, technical and technological support not only for the specific companies that decide to enter the cooperation, but also for the national innovation system. The principle is simple: the higher the degree of cooperation between business and the research and development sector, the greater the development opportunities for the entire business sector.

In-house research centres are a huge investment, involving not only the acquisition of appropriate scientific equipment and apparatus and the creation of free research facilities, but also the provision of a specialised staff for whom research is a source of genuine passion.

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