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01Innovation grants

- is it worth it?

Business success requires adequate funding and skilful use of all available knowledge and technology. Cooperation between business and research units enables the free transfer of state-of-the-art knowledge and modern technology into specific organisational structures and business practices.

It is the most important investment in the development of the company and it is worth seeking external sources of funding.

02Innovation grants

- vital support that you should learn how to reach for!

Are you planning to launch a new product or service?

Do you want to implement a new production or distribution technology?

Are you aiming to pursue a completely new business strategy?

Are you thinking of changing the design of your product?

Do you intend to improve the working conditions of your employees and increase their efficiency with modern tools?

You can obtain external funding for all these activities!
By making use of our scientific knowledge and experience in implementing modern technology, you will not waste a penny.

Appropriate analyses will be required to ensure that innovation grants are correctly allocated. They will confirm whether the project meets the criteria and will translate into real changes in the company. Here, too, we provide the necessary assistance!

03What European innovation funds are available to Polish entrepreneurs?

Innovation in business usually requires upfront investment and specific resources to develop new ideas with a view to future profits. For companies unable to fund their own ideas, a range of grants and financial assistance is available to support innovation.

The European Union is also engaged in providing such aid. The introduction of innovative products and services, the implementation of research and development results and original ideas for solving social problems are readily subsidised by EU funds. They aim, among other things, to strengthen the position of the economy in certain regions, create or maintain jobs and develop new technologies.

Aid is available in the form of non-repayable grants and repayable soft loans and credits, and EU innovation grants can be obtained for the following areas, among others:

  • product innovation,
  • technological innovation,
  • organisational innovation,
  • marketing innovation.

04What should I pay particular attention to when applying for innovation grants?

From the point of view of the implementation of innovation, the offer of support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the following areas deserves special attention:

  • funding of research and development projects,
  • support for investment in research and development infrastructure,
  • funding of projects aimed at implementing the results of research and development work in a company,
  • support for the implementation of innovations in the company.

Within the framework of the R&D grant, the permissible amount of support is the same for the whole country and depends mainly on the size of the company and the type of work to be subsidised. However, the Polish government and local authorities have recognised that certain specialisations should be given preference in the allocation of EU funds. These specialisations usually concern research and innovation areas, which is why they are called smart specialisations. The list of specialisations is not closed, so it is worth keeping track of its current shape.

05What else should be kept in mind when applying for funding for an innovative product?

Calls for applications for innovation grants to companies are organised on a strict deadline. Applications must fit firmly into the specific objective of the action in question. For most grants, the main criterion for assessing a project is its commercialisation potential and the profitability of the overall project.

The amount of funding is based on the actual costs incurred and each amount must be accurately accounted for, which involves certain administrative obligations. In addition, the project documentation may be subject to scrutiny at each stage of the implementation of the activities.

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