Projekty Standards for robots on construction sites

Development of standards to enable widespread use of robots
Nazwa projektuInżynieria i technologia

01Project description

As part of the 'Science for Society' programme organised by the Ministry of Education and Science, CBRTP received a grant for a project entitled “Producing standards to enable the widespread use of robots on construction sites".
The aim of the project is to create construction standards for robotic systems (i.e. for robots supporting construction teams) that will determine the optimum material environment for their safe implementation in the construction process.
The recipients and developers of the project are both academics and entrepreneurs. By creating standards, the CBRTP assumes that future robotic systems will be able to emerge with the support of standards that define the exact physical conditions under which the robot performs its work. In addition, entities using the developed standards will be able to implement new robotic systems without fear of capital-intensive reorganisation.
The dissemination of the standards developed by CBRTP will contribute to facilitating the technological transformation of the construction sector and to raising the level of services provided at an international level. The effect of the project in the form of new standards can be used as a basis for future standards.
The CBRTP initiative stems from the observation of changes in the construction market imposed by shortages of contractors, institutional requirements to introduce sustainable factor management and increased consumer demands. In the coming years, this will influence the need for technological changes in the construction sector and the introduction of robotic systems, thus forcing innovative reorganisational changes. The creation of standards is intended to counteract processes that may disrupt the market in the future due to the unsuitability of the ambient conditions on construction sites for the robotic systems.
Preparing the construction sector for the automation of the industry is one of the priorities of the project.

02Project data

Implementation period: 21.07.2022 - 20.07.2024
Total eligible project amount: PLN 1 065 580,80
Grant amount: PLN 1 065 580,80