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Industries and Applications

01The plastics processing

The plastics processing industry is a complex field that utilises the following product manufacturing techniques:
• thermoforming
• low-pressure injection moulding
• complex high-pressure and multi-component injection moulding systems
• glass and carbon fibre composites manufacturing.

Over the years, CBRTP, in co-operation with numerous partners, has gathered experience, knowledge and technology for supporting manufacturing processes, including techniques for preventing tool corrosion in the areas of cooling systems (such as cooling channels of the injection moulds) as well as modifying the forming parts (punch/mould matrix).

CBRTP employs technologies that utilise vacuum environments, enabling advanced modification of the moulding surfaces, thus making it possible to design their durability, hydrophobicity and oleophobicity parameters, representing a potential for shortening the manufacturing process cycle and increasing the service life of the tools.

CBRTP provides the following services in this area:
• design and modification of the tools
• production process optimization
• design and implementation of new product solutions, including features and functionalities of an uncommon purpose (like antivirus, antibacterial, anti-reflective, improved UV resistance, etc.)




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