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01Recruitment stages

01Selection of the candidates' applications

Selection of the candidates' applications - We analyse every application very thoroughly. We compare the candidate's professional profile with the requirements of a given position. We invite the selected candidates to an interview at our headquarters or online.

02Stage I

During the interview, we describe our company values and the team, but most importantly, we want to get to know the candidate better. We also outline our expectations, requirements and the job character for a particular position. Those candidates whose experience, skills and motivation best match our expectations for a particular position are invited to participate in the next stage.

03Stage II

At this stage, we invite the candidates to verify their competence in the form of knowledge tests and practical tasks.


Regardless of the recruitment results, we provide feedback to every candidate.

05Job offer

We will present job offers to the selected candidates.

02What makes us different?

CBRTP is a private R&D hub that is streamlining processes and delivering technology advancements to industrial partners. We develop custom business solutions by utilising innovative technologies, the experience of our personnel in the field of R&D works, scientific developments coming from our own labs, as well as co-operation with experts and scientists from the leading research centres.

  • We are currently executing projects with a total budget of PLN 200 million together with partners from industries like: plastics processing, automotive, robotics, civil engineering, and energy
  • We develop globally innovative technologies
  • Every employee can launch a project (we promote involvement and creativity)
  • We provide an opportunity for development within one’s own position as well as in other business fields of the company


03Our employees

CBRTP employees are very passionate, qualified experts who seek to develop themselves in many different areas and are ready to share their knowledge and experience.

Over the past few years, we have greatly increased the number of staff, and currently, we employ over 80 people. Ambitious and responsible assignments allow employees to fully utilise their knowledge and experience. We also guarantee a dynamic, diverse workplace that ensures new challenges every day.

04The Benefits

The development of our employees is pivotal for our company; it creates new opportunities and recognises employees for their skills and experience, encouraging them to fully exploit their potential. It guarantees a real influence on the company’s development by entrusting responsible assignments and providing autonomy.
We offer the following to our employees:

  • a positive working environment created by a good team
  • a contract of employment, attractive salary along with performance and commitment-based bonuses
  • work for a modern company in a well-located office complex
  • access to technology and a research lab
  • an opportunity to gain valuable experience working on the multi-million zlotys worth of projects
  • a real impact on the company’s development
  • the integration and holiday parties
  • partial financing of the MultiSport card
  • medical care package

01Polna Corner Building

02 O3 Business Campus Building

03Nanotechnology Laboratory in Cracov

04Automation and Electronics Laboratory in CE AGH

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