Projekty Nanotextiles

Development of metal-polymer compositions and technologies for the production of layered nonwovens based on antimicrobial and filtration properties for sanitary products or medical protection
Nazwa projektuNanomateriały

01Project description

The subject of the project is to develop a technology for the production of multilayer nonwovens, where the outer layer will exhibit antimicrobial properties. This layer is a polymer composite containing submicron active particles, which combines the antiseptic properties of silver and copper ions, cytostatic ZnO and catalytic TiO2. In addition, the presence of ZnO and TiO2 particles in conjunction with the discharge surface activation procedure (atmospheric plasma or corona discharge) in the water-containing atmosphere will give the outer surface the hydrophilicity necessary to create an environment for the effective operation of Ag + and Cu2 + ions.

The composite outer layer will be deposited on the hydrophobic support layer. The inner layer will be made of a nonwoven fabric, ensuring comfort of use or adequate strength, depending on the application. Electrospinning, melt-blown and spunbond methods will be used to produce nonwovens for individual layers, depending on the function of a given nonwoven layer. The tasks of the project will focus on the selection of the filler composition for the production of the composite nonwoven by electrospinning or melt-blown techniques. The melt-blown method will be used for the production of the carrier layer, making it possible to obtain hydrophobic nonwovens with high filtration parameters. The inner layer is obtained by the spunbond method.

It is planned to produce several variants of layers depending on the application. An important element of the research will be the development of reliable tests of the antiseptic properties of nonwovens.
The result of the project will be a technology for the production of a multivariate nonwoven fabric with viral, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The planned use of the nonwoven fabric is, among others, medical personal protective equipment, HEPA antiseptic filters of various filtration classes for use in air-conditioning equipment and antimicrobial nonwoven fabrics.

The project is executed in connection with the agreement for co-financing of project No. POIR.01.01.01-00-1246/20 in the framework of Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Measure 1.1: R&D projects of enterprises, Sub-measure 1.1.1: Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises.

02Members of the scientific and industrial consortium

- HPT Innovation Sp. z o. o. – Project leader
- Centrum Badań i Rozwoju Technologii dla Przemysłu S.A.
- Politechnika Warszawska, Wydział Inżynierii Materiałowej Politechniki Warszawskiej

03Project data

Execution period: 10.10.2020 – 31.12.2023
Total eligible project cost: PLN 31 621 138.08
Amount of co-financing: PLN 21 163 710.88
Own contribution: PLN 10 457 427.20

"Funded as part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic."