Engineering and Technology Design of laboratory equipment, machines, and robotic workstations

Engineering and Technology

01Design of laboratory equipment, machines, and robotic workstations

Industrial Revolution 4.0 has spurred the competitive advantage of businesses and production plants that have implemented fully automatic processes. This especially entails increased quality and repeatability of manufacturing, lower numbers of rejects and costs per part, shorter downtimes and failures, especially in the context of human factors.
However, a less common factor that limits or delays industrial automation is the shortage of specialists and time constraints imposed by the higher priority of current production demands.

To meet the demands of the market, the CBRTP design office provides system-scale solutions for process automation. Our specialised and multidisciplinary scientific and engineering personnel provide solutions for mechanical engineering, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, and more. Our years of experience with a track record of research and development projects and strictly commercial applications from our project teams ensures the provision of services in the design of mechanical systems, manufacturing work stations, robotic cells, machine engineering and laboratory equipment engineering. Our facilities, which include the necessary tools and know-how, enable us to complete projects from the concept through its 3D visuals to simulation of the execution solutions specific to the project, including its processing and control systems.

Our engineering facilities and the expert knowledge of the teams facilitate the design and performance of tests, with prototyping of the project solution at the concept stage; this helps with fine-tuning the solution to the customer’s needs and a significant reduction of improvement implementation costs.
We offer solution design engineering capabilities in:

  • 3D modelling of parts and assemblies
  • Development of 2D and 3D engineering files
  • Surface modelling
  • Assembly motion analysis
  •  Static simulation of parts and assemblies
  • Electronic circuit design, including PCBs
  • Electrical and pneumatic system design
  • Control automation system design
  • Control automation online and offline software development
  • Mobile app development
  • Prototyping and testing of developed solutions

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