Engineering and Technology Measurement and modelling of energy generation and consumption systems

Engineering and Technology

01Measurement and modelling of energy generation and consumption systems

For years, CBRTP has been working closely with industry by solving problems on production lines. A key challenge faced by industrial operations with high energy demand is the interference introduced by electrical loads, effective compensation of reactive power, earthing of machines, and equipotential compensation in liquid handling and processing systems.
Our experience gained in the construction of wind and photovoltaic farms, the instruments we have and, above all, our teams of qualified and certified professionals allow us to support customers in:

  • comprehensive analysis of industrial plants,
  • acceptance and periodic tests,
  • analysis of mains supply quality,
  • modelling of electricity consumption and generation to optimise and expand systems,
  • pinpointing interference sources and implementing solutions to them,
  • and other comprehensive research for expert evaluation of failure and damage.

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