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013D measurement of three dimensional objects

The measurement of large objects using standard measurement techniques is, in many cases, not sufficiently accurate and detailed due to the significant scanning path lengths and complex geometric features. The requirement for whole-part 3D scanning to provide verification of the part’s volume or dimensions of features has been increasingly common in industrial practice. In highly developed countries, there is a mandatory requirement being rolled out to maintain as-built documentation which verifies the completed work against its BIM design. Based on the CBRTP team’s experience obtained during a number of R&D projects, including the Robotic Bricklaying and Rendering System, and the instruments at our disposal, we provide 3D scanning services for complex objects, creating their respective ‘digital twins’ that provide our customers with precise measurements of:

  • large-scale objects
  •  linear infrastructures
  • interiors of industrial processing areas
  • building structures, and
  • development of CAD models from generated point clouds


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