Nanomaterials ALD reactors


01Beneq P400 and P800


Surface engineering / deposition systems

Reaction chambers that enable working with elements from 20 mm up to 600 mm in size. The temperature range of the deposition process is 50-500°C. In the reaction chamber, a coating of a given material is deposited on the selected substrate, layer by layer. We have experience in the deposition of layers/ coatings of:

  • toxides (e.g. Al2O3, TiO2, ZrO2, ZnO, Cu2O, CuO, MgO)
  • nitrides (e.g. AlN, TiN, CrN)
  • sulphides (e.g. ZnS, SnSx)
  • carbides (e.g. Al4C3, SiC)
  • metals (e.g. Pt, Cu, Pd)
  • polymers
  • biocompatible layers (implants)
  • sandwich-type layers (photovoltaics)
  • doped materials (e.g. AZO, MZO, FZO

Application areas of layers obtained with the ALD technique:

  • microelectronics: sensors, solar panels, memories, fuel cells
  • passivation layers, wear-resistant layers, nano-wires, anti-corrosion layers
  • usable coatings, for example on porous materials
  • biocidal coatings

ALD (atomic layer deposition) – a technique based on the alternate introducing of reagents (called precursors) to the reaction chamber.

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